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St. Alban’s Community Centre - Little Learners Nursery.

Little Learners is a great facility within the St. Albans Community Centre in the centre of Blurton providing all that is required for your child in a nursey.

The staff of the nursery are always considering what is best for each child attending the nursery and meeting any particular needs a child might have. The staff encourage healthy eating for the children either with food brought from home or prepared in the Centre's very own cafe connect

Little Learners Nursery has places for 40 children ranging from three months to 4 years and eleven months. Ran by Lisa Bromley and her team of eight dedicated staff the nursery is available Monday to Friday 08:00 until 18:00. Charging £3.50 / hour (minimum 4 hours per day)

A recent Ofsted report awarded the nursery good with outstanding attributes, comments were made by the Ofsted reporter regarding the imagination behind some of the nursery facilities such as the outside roadway and hopscotch area, they were so impressed that they asked permission to share some of the ideas with other nurseries that they visit.

The nursery is bright, colourful and every worker is committed to providing the very best of care and education for those children in their care.


We provide everything that a young child needs to stimulate a young mind...

more information can be obtained by visiting the St. Albans Little Learners website.


Working together we can and do make a difference