St. Albans Church / Community Centre
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St. Alban’s Community Centre - Market.

Every Wednesday between 8am and 4pm St. Albans Community Centre hosts a community maket.

With several traders selling items such as clothing, electrical goods, household and garden goods, childrens toys, pictures (including 3D prints), fragranced candles and much more alongside Wayne Walker quality meat supplies and 'Cake and Bake' stall this is a market worth visiting.

Many items are cheaper than those found in the shops so there are many bargains to be had.

The market has also become a place where people gather to catch up and share their news. One stall in particular ran by the Church offers support and a listening ear to those that want it.

Supporting the market is also a way of supporting the work of the Church and community centre which in turn is actively involved in the community.

Working together we can and do make a difference