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St. Alban’s Church

St. Albans Church

A fun and vibrant Church with lively worship

St. Albans Community Church is at the heart of Blurton in Stoke on Trent and not just geographically. As a church we take very seriously the word of God and His heart for our community. Our teaching is both contextual and relevant to everyday life.

Our outreach and services are totally inclusive; we are cross generational, cross cultural and embrace people from all backgrounds and abilities.

We guarantee you a warm welcome. Services last around 1 hour starting at 11am but continue with tea / coffee as well as prayer for those that want to stay.

St. Albans Nativity

Christmas Eve Nativity

Christmas Eve nativiity with Carols and glow sticks was this year presented panto style, with a dame, a mixture of song, dance, drama and popular carols.The children that attended dressed as characters such as angels and shepherds and together they formed a beautiful tableau around the manger.

Once again we were packed to the rafters as people flooded into what has become a very popular service, if this trend continues we may have to look at performing this service twice, but what a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak of the love that God has for mankind - even those with dirty hands like the lowly shepherds or the people of urban priority areas such as Blurton, Dresden, Newstead or elsewhere.


St. Albans is a part of Blurton and Dresden Parish which has two churches, the other being St. Bartholomews, more information about this can be seen at

Working together we can and do make a difference